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Law Practice Management & Organization

Our staff is hardworking, capable, and prepared to help implement the legal strategies necessary. Every member of our team is a perfectionist working to provide you with unique legal representation in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

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Case Management System

A partner reviews every case that comes into the firm. Every file is reviewed and managed by an experienced, skilled trial attorney during all phases of litigation. We developed a proven strategy to obtain the best possible result for a particular claim or lawsuit while limiting litigation costs. Our clients know our assessments and strategies are realistic. Everything we do is customized for your cases. Our strategies are proprietary, different, and out-of-the-box. Simply put, they work.

County Teams

A senior attorney is assigned to lead each county and is assisted by a team of attorneys and staff. Having the team of attorneys assigned to one county enables us to develop relationships with the bench and the county bar—which proves enormously beneficial to you.

Custom IT System

Our state-of-the-art, custom-designed case management and document management programs aid us in defending your matters. Our technology is up to date so that we provide you with real-time statuses on your cases.

Our Staff

You never get voice mail during business hours or an automated answering service when you call Our Firm. When you contact our office, you get a professional staff member to answer your questions right then and there. We are also available after hours when you need us. Our attorneys know the law and your cases so that when you call, our staff can provide accurate, detailed statuses about your case. Our entire team of attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and clerks are dedicated to working on cases with you in mind.

Our Client Commitment

We are very familiar with the needs and requirements of each of our clients. Our entire staff is committed to providing the highest caliber of legal services to clients at an affordable, competitive rate. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to craft innovative legal strategies designed to meet your needs and goals. Kindly contact the firm's managing attorney regarding any inquiries as to the firm's daily operations, billing practices, or reporting procedures.