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Toll Violation Litigation Practice

The Law Offices of Peter C. Merani P.C. represents tollways in New York State to collecting toll violations and past-due customer tag accounts. Collection services not only include those you would expect from a typical collection agency, but also ones that only a law firm can provide such as skip tracing, demand letters, and outbound call campaigns. We also appear on your behalf in administrative hearings and lawsuits as well as assist with the pursuit of remedies such as bank executions, income executions, property executions, tax intercepts, registration blocks and releases, and driver license suspension.


Our public-private partnerships with tolling authorities ensure that previously lost dollars of revenue are available for our clients to build and maintain the roads we all count on. We enforce and prosecute cases on behalf of public authorities against those who commit bridge, tunnel, and highway infractions.

Our team works with you to develop a custom program that efficiently maximizes the timely and cost-effective collection of your delinquent receivables. If necessary, our process includes litigation and judgment enforcement. We believe in keeping you informed of the process of the case. Our attorneys are familiar with the court rules in each county in which they practice. We customize our service and attention to meet your needs.

To speak directly with an account investigator for the toll evasion in our legal department to assist you in a resolution of a pending matter with our office, please call our TOLL RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT AT 1 (929) 458-6275.

Extension Directory:

Charles H. Judgment Dept. x 4147
Heather D. Litigation Dept. x.4154
Tony F. Litigation Dept. x.4163
Eric W. Litigation Dept. X 4171
Lori Ann W. Payment Dept. x.4168
Francis O. Litigation Dept. x.4171

Agreement Document Dept. x. 4168
Toll Payers Advocate Dept. x4154

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The Law Offices of Peter C. Merani P.C. represents public authorities seeking restitution from individuals and businesses that have failed to properly and timely pay toll crossings on behalf of certain public authorities not necessarily EZ-Pass. This is toll evasion and subject to legal action and remedies.

You may call the Public Authority to verify our representation at :

*After the programmed message you will have the ability to selection options,
Please select your option for language 1 English, 2 Spanish etc..
Then select the following options:
selection option 4- Violation- collection notices,
then selection option 2 for collection notices and
then selection option 4 for law firms.

For English:
1-800-333-8655, options: 1,4,2,4.
For Spanish:
1-800-333-8655, options: 1,2,2,4. 

Thank you, Kindly call us to resolve your case.

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