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International Capabilities


Our Firm provides legal representation with a Global Perspective. 

As companies continue to identify opportunities or growth and expansion beyond the local marketplace, the need for a law firm that can easily accommodate the legal issues associated with these activities becomes paramount. For those clients, Peter C. Merani, P.C. can assist in providing seamless regional, national and international legal services in countries throughout the world. Peter C. Merani, P.C. is able to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs for cross-border services.

We have the ability to hold meetings in over 50 Countries Worldwide. International Law is a broad and diverse practice. We can provide strategic advice to domestic and international private sector entities on international law and policy.  

The clients of Peter C. Merani, P.C. have immediate access to some of the most highly respected law and accounting firms in the world. These firms possess not only intimate knowledge of the local language and laws, but also the customs, practices and court systems in each country. This invaluable knowledge is priceless benefit for every client of Peter C. Merani, P.C.. As a result, the matter is promptly handled in the appropriate jurisdiction, while Peter C. Merani, P.C. remains client counsel, actively involved in the legal process in its entirety.

Peter C. Merani, P.C. is a New York City Firm with a small-town perspective.  Our Firm provides you with personal attention to your legal needs.  We provide our clients with the highest caliber of legal services at an affordable, competitive rate. Our Firm prides itself on its unique ability to craft innovative legal strategies designed to meet our clients needs and goals. 

Consult with an experienced attorney who will work diligently to draft sound enforceable contracts designed to protect your rights, land and royalties. 

Litigation can threaten a company’s very existence. Peter C. Merani, P.C. has extensive experience with litigating difficult, intense and diverse matters for our clients. We are widely recognized for our ability to effectively handle our client’s most critical litigation issues.

Our office can assist you with

·         Lobbying on behalf of individual foreign governments, and organize coalitions of governments and multinational economics enterprises to lobby the U.S. Congress, the European Union (EU) and the UN.

·        Oil and Gas Contracts

·        Oil and Gas Leasing

·        Oil and Gas Litigation

·        Oil and Gas Lease and Division Order Conflicts and Pricing Issues

·        Natural Gas Sales Contracts

·        Mineral Agreements other than Oil and Gas

·        International Business Transactions 

·        European Union Contracts

·        International Real Estate Transactions