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Commercial Debt Collection and Litigation Practice

Our Firm practices in the area of commercial and retail debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors' rights.  Our debt collection practice involves large and small corporations, Public Authorities, banks, finance companies, and other lenders; law firms, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals; landlords, co-ops, and condos; and individuals.

Our Firm's practices handles many different litigation cases including fraud claims, stockholder fraud,  breach of contract,  breach of promissory notes, construction contract breaches and small business claims and litigation.

We will work with you to develop a custom tailored program to effectively maximize the timely and cost -effective collection of your delinquent receivables, including if necessary, through litigation and judgment enforcement.  We can perform commercial collection work on a contingency fee basis., flat rate or hourly fee rate.  The fee is based on various factors, such as the size and age of the claims and their likely collect ability based on the financial condition of the debtor.

We believe in keeping our clients informed of the process of the case.  We have a staff of attorneys in each county of our practice locations that are familiar with the court rules. 

We will customize our service and attention to meet the needs of your clients.